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Himalalia's Dream Venture: Book One of a Children's Financial Literacy Series!

I am very excited to tell you about a new book that I have written that addresses an important topic, namely, financial literacy for children. I was inspired to write this book, in the context of a little Black girl, who has lots of questions about money matters. I have always wanted to write a children's book and I also illustrated it. The goal was to write a book that is easy to read and to educate at the same time. It is book one of a series. It focuses on Himalia's (the name of the little girl) questions, about money matters, that she has when she runs errands with her mom. She wants to know what is rent, mortgage, a lease, a bank account, debit cards and checks versus cash, and more. These appear to be complex questions but definitely the questions are valid and can be answered for children in such a way that they understand. Exasperated by all of her inquisitiveness, her parents refer her to her dreams to find the answers. In an imaginative and colorful way, in her dreams, to her parents surprise, she finds all of the answers to her questions. The dream images, as well as all of the others are whimsical, imaginative and colorful. So from my imagination to the bookshelf, we find this new book, ready for children to experience with joy.

Also, excitingly, I am hosting a giveaway right now so there is an opportunity to try and win a copy of Himalia's Dream Venture! The link is here to try your luck:

Additionally, if you are interested in buying the book for the little ones in your life, that is also an option. You can do so here:

Although I normally write for adults about social justice and cultural issues, I find that it doesn't make sense to only provide information to adults without also sharing information with our children, hence #TeachEmYoung.

I hope you will enjoy the excitement of this little naturalista, Himalia, as the next book of the series, Book Two, will be next and is in progress. So take a moment for the little ones in your family, in schools and beyond and meet Himalia, an inquisitive, smart, beautiful, little naturalista! The book makes a wonderful present for the holidays too! Enjoy!

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