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A Return to Black Love Reviews That Move The Heart

Recently, I received this review (excerpted), from a person that I will keep anonymous, for the sake of privacy, as he sent it to me personally. This is a truly educated, elder brother, whose words absolutely matter to me. When I saw the email from him, indicating that he had read my book from cover to cover, and was sharing his critique, I braced myself because he goes IN with his insight, bringing all of his wisdom and knowledge to the table. This individual was very prominent in his field, and still is, albeit retired, with great respect. No one is flawless, so I won't say that about him, as the pandemic experience has led to some litmus test insight about folks, but nevertheless, the brilliance remains at the forefront of who he is. Hence, I will stop here and ask you to take a quick look at this review of A Return To Black Love. Other reviews are found on the Amazon site for my book. They are also beautiful reviews that moved my heart and I am grateful to each person that wrote one. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate/critique my work, which is another form of love and support. If you have purchased and read A Return To Black Love, please write a review. As an author, I find reviews helpful and encouraging.

Check out this one though (an excerpt)! To this brother, elder, I say #GratitudeExpressed as I am deeply grateful for the wisdom of those individuals who have roamed this earth longer than I have. Receiving such deep, heartfelt thoughts, as I try to make a difference through my words, is truly a form of Black Love.


Dear Patti,

I finished reading your book several days ago and have been reflecting and savoring the richness of your excellent, candid, compelling and persuasive writing.

As I thought about providing candid feedback, I came to a few conclusions about the essential arguments that you adduce and the heavily nuanced unique arguments that you also adduce. The essential import of your book is compelling and persuasive if:

1] one wants to encourage Black men and women to believe that they will find the most fulfilling love when they deliberately choose a love who is also Black — ergo, “A Return to Black Love; this should awaken especially our young Black children and grandchildren to deeply reflect on present and future love relationships; well done, Patti!;

2] one wants to express substantial pride in the enduring success of Black parents under extraordinary conditions over the years that White parents have experienced “charitably" to a considerably lesser degree; you and Jeff have parented and continue to parent brilliantly! I’m very proud of you and I’m pleased that it is chronicled in your book; your parenting success deserves its own book!;

3] one wants loved Black children to know that respect and honor for their parents and elders, and we for each other, are the undeniable foundation stones of essential, life-long, enduring Black Love;

3] one wants White folks to truly understand how critically important it is to Black folks to, through Black Love, contribute, through our hard work and wise investments, build the educational, familial, social, religious, and financial wealth that were denied and robbed from us for centuries by White enslavers and White supremacists who to this day hugely benefit from centuries of denial and governmentally sanctioned oppression; yet we RISE!!



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