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Himalia Goes To Class!

Yesterday, I received a text from a very special Teacher, Mrs. Susan Cook, of Everglades Elementary School, where she teaches the 4th grade, and was the Teacher of the Year for her school in 2012. I have known Susan for many years, as our children (she has two sons and I have one daughter and one son) grew up together. They are now adults and our sons remain very close friends. So, it was quite a surprise for me, when I received a text from Susan yesterday, with beautiful pictures of her reading my book, Himalia's Dream Venture, to her students in her classes.

This absolutely warmed my heart because the purpose of my writing the Himalia financial literacy series is to reach children. It is always so important to focus on our children, keeping them safe, happy, educated and loved. This nurturing must come through the adults and our commitment to them. Himalia is a figment of my imagination, arriving in my mind through a dream, and I am grateful that she, through images and words, is being shared with children in and out of the classroom setting. Hopefully, Himalia will become their friend to love.

Mrs. Susan Cook reading Himalia's Dream Venture to her students.

As I see the children in the images, looking at the pictures, hearing the words and learning about money matters,in the context of vibrant color, imaginative characters and fun, I know that something good is happening and that somehow, eventhough I may not be physically present for the reading, I am participating in the moment of making a difference in the lives of children, by extension, through an excellently capable Teacher who cares to share. How wonderful!

What I also loved is how Mrs. Cook had the students participate in a writing assignment, in the form of a written response about the book. Below is a glimpse of their words which exhibit understanding, thinking and comprehension along with enjoyment. I thank the children for so graciously sharing their words of wisdom as seeing them enjoying and writing about Himalia's Dream Venture is heart warming as they are so adorable and smart and I appreciate them immensely. They are my inspiration to write and draw more!

To that end, the next book in the series, in progress is entitled Himalia Gets A Dog. It will be colorful, fun and filled with love, family, joy and of course money matters as the exploration of financial literacy for children continues. Stay tuned! In the meantime, hank you to Mrs. Cook and her students. You are all awesome!

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